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Placing an order 

Placing an order with us is really simple and convenient. You can simply fill the form on our website with all the necessary details that would help us find you. After that we’ll contact you as soon as possible via call or via email and try to help you find the exact product. We’ll send you a catalogue which will consist of all our products to assist you in making the right choice . When you give us the green light, we’ll provide you with the payment options and initiate processing your order. Once the payment is made, we’ll ship the order and provide you the Tracking ID to let you track the shipment. 


We have an in-house logistics team for expedited delivery and especially for eliminating  those annoying wait times. We will make sure that the product is free from any damage from handling, which is one of the most common problems faced by the customers. Once you have made the order we will keep you posted regarding any movement of your shipment and alongside provide you with the tracking details. 

Modes of Payment

The method of paying for our products depends on the quantity of your order and location to be shipped. To know more about the payment process please contact us.